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4 Benefits of the Maven Funded Trader Program



From forex to stocks, crypto, and more, there are many different types of assets to trade.

With the right mindset, strategies, and risk management concepts in place, there’s plenty of upside (and excitement) associated with asset trading. And it’s not just the earnings that are exciting, either. Navigating markets, finding the best opportunities, and taking advantage of them can feel very rewarding.

However, that excitement often runs up against a reality in the world of trading. You need some substantial capital to earn meaningful returns as a trader. And that kind of capital is often not within the reach of the average trader.

That’s where funded trader programs come into play. Working with a prop trading firm means you can use the firm’s simulated capital to fund your trades. You don’t need to build up a large cash reserve on your own.

There are plenty of funded trader programs out there, and the legitimate ones offered by prop firms offer some valuable benefits. The Maven Funded Trader Program is one of the very best. We deliver some powerful advantages that are hard to find — or simply aren’t available anywhere else.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of funded trading programs in general. Then, we’ll review the unique advantages that make Maven Trading the best funded trader program!

General Benefits of Funded Programs for Traders

Funded trader programs are based on a simple concept. 

Individual traders have the trading style and market knowledge needed for positive performance and results. Bringing these two groups together means the firms can put their money to work, while traders earn profit splits.

Here are some of the most important benefits offered by funded trading programs in general, from the individual trader’s perspective.

Making a Trading Dream a Reality

We’ve already explained the basics of the funded trader program model, and the foundational advantage bears repeating.

You don’t need a large cash reserve to fund your trades. Instead, funded trader programs give qualified traders access to simulated capital. 

For many traders, this is the only realistic option to make major, high-value trades. It’s a path to working with larger account sizes and earning the returns to match.

Effective Tools and Data

Reliable prop firms offer more than only funding by itself. They also provide access to trading platforms, Discord servers, data and charts, and more. The result is more efficient and informed traders, and that benefits everyone. 

The scale of prop firms allows them to share valuable technology and data. These helpful tools would be difficult or expensive for individual traders to access.

Limiting Trader Risk

It’s right there in the name: In funded trader programs, traders use funded accounts provided by the prop firm. It’s an effective way to limit personal risk while still earning profits. The only financial commitment a trader needs to make is the initial purchase of a challenge program.

4 Key Advantages of The Maven Trading Funded Trader Program

Are you looking for the best funded forex trader program? Or the best funded trader program in general? Maven Trading is an industry leader! Our program stands apart because we:

1. Offer the Best Payouts and Profit Split Ratio

When you make successful trades in our program, you get to keep a minimum of 80% of the profit! That 80-20 split is among the very best in the industry for traders. Depending on promotions and other offers, that split can increase in your favor.

A concept image showing a financial graph superimposed over a funded trader using a laptop computer.

You’re putting in the effort each and every day to make successful trades and earn a profit from your work. Shouldn’t you get to keep the majority of the returns?

2. Make the Results and Legitimacy of Our Funded Trader Program Clear

Want to see how Maven Trading works by hearing from real traders who actually participate in our program? We make our reviews, program rules (under the “What Are Our Trading Rules?” tab), and history of payouts clear. And you don’t have to only take our word for it:

Visit Trustpilot to see verified reviews from real funded traders who have partnered with us.

Check out our Discord server to see payout history and comments from active funded traders and ask questions.

3. Don’t Put a Time Limit on Our Challenges

Many prop firms establish a time limit for their challenges — the process used to verify a trader’s skill and results. That leaves traders in a position where they need to act too aggressively to hit their profit target in time.

The last thing we want to do is put you in a position where you feel like you can’t win. Time limits on challenges can encourage very risky behavior — the kind that goes beyond the bounds of acceptable risk.

We don’t believe in adding a time limit to our challenge. If you have the right mindset, system, and risk management strategies, you should have the opportunity to use them fully. In the end, it helps everyone. Our traders stand to benefit from this approach, and so can you.

4. Give You Convenient Options to Try Again

Trading will always have its ups and downs. 

We don’t try to hide it: Some traders hit the drawdown limit on their trading account. A series of bad trades with a funded account can lead to hitting the maximum drawdown.

We recognize that bad trades, and even a series of them in a short time, can happen to good traders. So, we make it easier to get back into the game by:

  • Offering a buy-back option. Want to start trading again without going through the challenge process? Pay a modest fee to get your funded account back, no new challenge required.
  • Providing an account reset feature. Reset your account by paying back a percentage of your drawdown, instead of going through the entire challenge process again.

Maven Trading gives funded traders the opportunity to prove their talents, make trades with a funded account, and earn at least 80% in profit splits. Are you ready to take the challenge?

Get Funded Today!


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