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Welcome to Maven Trading!

Our challenge program aims to provide traders an opportunity to trade without risking their own capital. Profitable traders are paid a percent of the profits they make.*

  • * → All provided funds, trades and profits are simulated, but executed with live market conditions

Being a funded* trader takes great skill and patience. If you have the abilities to yield 10% every month, on a $1,000 account this will yield $100 a month, however, if you use that $1,000 to purchase a $200,000 account, this will then yield $20,000 and you get to keep $16,000. A much greater return. Maven has the easiest to pass requirements which allows traders much greater freedom in how they want to trade in comparison with other prop firms.

We are registered in British Virgin Islands.

The Maven Trading!

Make sure you have read our trading rules. You can checkout on this webpage and input any discount coupon you may have. Once you have passed the assessment we set you up with a funded* account. Simple.

After you have passed the Assessment, we will review your account which takes between 24 and 72 hours. Once your account is being approved, we will send you a KYC Email through our provider called Veriff. After submitting your Data, simply respond to the email and it will be checked within 24 hours. After that your funded* account will be sent out.

If you breach the daily drawdown or maximum drawdown your account will be terminated. We offer a great 10% discount if you purchase with us again!

We offer two different withdrawal options, however crypto is the most popular, cheapest and quickest option.

Deel is able to withdraw directly into your banking account, however we require you to have at least $1000 in profit split available. Anything below $1000 may incur additional charges. You simply put in your Withdrawal Request on the Dashboard and the system will automatically calculate your withdrawal based on your account type and ranking. The Account will then be reset after the withdrawal has been completed.

What are our Trading Rules?

Two Step Challenge

Profit Targets
Standard: Your profit target for phase 1 is 8%, for phase 2 it is 5%.
Pro: Your profit target for phase 1 is 8%, for phase 2 it is 5%.


Standard: Your drawdown for both phases is 8%, Your daily drawdown is 4% and is based off the higher of your Equity/Balance at 00:00 UTC time.
Pro: The drawdown increases to 10% for both. Your daily drawdown is 4% and is based off the balance only.

One Step Challenge

Profit Targets
Your profit target overall is 8%


Standard: Your drawdown is 5%, it is trailing off your highwater mark at all times. The daily drawdown is 3% and is based off the higher of your Equity/Balance at 00:00 UTC time.
Pro: Your drawdown is 6%, it is trailing off your highwater mark at all times. Your daily drawdown is 4% and is based off the balance only.

You are allowed to have open trades during large news events. However, if we see you have passed by betting big on a news event this is not acceptable as it does not show true trading ability. Any profits generated on the live account 2 minutes prior and 2 minutes after a high impact news event will not be counted and will be detected on our system. If this action is repeated consistently then your account will be breached. Any trades from the red folder news on ForexFactory are deemed high impact news events.

Why do we have this rule?

We know that news trading is an important part of any traders strategy – however going all in on the news is not trading but gambling. We cannot accurately copy traders over to our live servers if they just bet big on news events due to the volatility from these events.

What happens if you are seen breaking this rule?

We will likely make you re-run the challenge if you are seen breaking our news trading rule.

You have passed our evaluation and this means you have shown excellent trading abilities. Therefore we take a small part of the profits that you create. This is the business agreement that you signed up for as a Maven trader.

You have passed your challenge phase and are now trading a simulated funded* Maven account, congratulations! We run a variety of promotions, our base level is 80% profit split, however this can be as high as 100% depending on the promotion!*

This is done on the contract you sign and / or Terms of Conditions on this site, you are responsible for your own taxes that you pay depending on your tax residence.

Copy trading is not permitted, you must trade your own system your way, if caught you and your accomplice will be breached and the account will be terminated up to and including profits.

You are not allowed to use a “pass your account” service or have another trader trade on your behalf. All trading must be done by the person who KYC’d the account. The purchaser must be the one who is trading.

Why do we have this rule?

We need to ensure consistency when we are considering a trader who we believe is good enough to be trading on our platform, we cannot fund another trader and then have a second one step in. Nor can we risk having multiple traders all using the exact same system.

What happens if you are seen breaking this rule?

Your account will be terminated.

Your IP address for your phase 1, phase 2 and live account must all match to the same geographical region. If we see that your IP address has changed we will ask for proof and reasoning of why this has occurred. The proof may involve plane tickets, live location checking through another medium or other aspects which we see fit.

Why do we have this rule?

There are multiple malicious prop passing services out there – we need to ensure that it was just you trading the account and you didn’t receive outside assistance.

What happens if you are seen breaking this rule?

We will terminate your account if you cannot provide adequate reasoning to why your IP address has changed.

Cheating: Taking advantage of the MetaTrader inefficiencies such as High Frequency Trading, Toxic Trading Order Flow, Long/Short arbitrage, reverse arbitrage, tick scalping, server execution is strictly prohibited and your challenge or funded account will be terminated including eventual profits.

Reverse / Group Hedging: Using your account to bet in one direction on a singular trade against another account is not allowed. As this is an attempt at reversing the trade of another account, for a 100% chance of winning. Your account will be breached.

Hedging: There are numerous malicious EA hedging bots that aim to exploit the demo-trading environment, you cannot exclusively hedge your way through a challenge or live account. We cannot accurately copy your trading onto a live server. If we see your account is exclusively hedging we will ask you to provide the EA you have used – if you have used an EA.

Gambling: You cannot gamble your way through a challenge phase. Maven defines gambling as:

  • More than 50% of your trades being taken under 1 minute hold time
  • Risking more than the drawdown on a single trade
  • Opening five positions in a losing trade
  • Betting one direction and holding until you pass/fail

EA: EAs are permitted so long as they do not break any of the above rules. We may ask for proof of your EA to ensure that the EA you are using is not malicious. HFT, hedge zone etc are not permitted at Maven and will result in a termination of your account.

If you cannot provide the code to your EA, your account will be terminated.

Inactivity: After 14 days of inactivity, the account will be put on pause. You will need to contact support to enable trading again. If you plan to not trade for 28 days – please send us an email at [email protected] and we will be able to put your account on hold.

NOTE: A ‘trade’ can be determined as a position held by the trader on a specific pair. ‘Trade’ may be one entry or multiple entries with similar timings and lot sizes. A trade could be determined by multiple entries on the same pair at the same time.
Trades with vastly smaller lot sizes, will NOT count as a trade. If your account is flagged you will be made to rerun the challenge.

Broker Info

We source the most up-to-date pricing through our platform and data partner, Blueberry Markets who have a list of over 400+ instruments available. We also have available FX and Indices, allowing you the best flexibility. All accounts are run under demo conditions.

Spreads are raw and close to 0 on major pairs (commission is $2 per lot, $4 round)

On CFDs*, Oil*, Crypto*, etc*
Spreads are low with 0 commission

It’s crucial to differentiate between purchasing a program from Maven and making a deposit in a financial institution. The fees you pay for our programs are not deposits. Maven does not offer financial advice and do not issue or deal in financial products. All trading occurs on demo accounts only.

You trade in a demo environment with live market conditions.*

We have connected with Blueberry Markets who have a list of over 400+ crypto instruments available. We also have available FX and Indices, allowing you the best flexibility.

We offer different leverages on different instruments:
For Forex -> 75:1
For Commodities -> 30:1
For Crypto -> 20:1
For Indice -> 10:1

Orders and Supports

You can pay with credit card or crypto currencies (click “NowPayments” in checkout). If you use a coupon, make sure to finish the checkout in one go, else the coupon might be marked as “used” on your next try. When paying with crypto currencies make sure to copy the value shown in the chosen coin and not the USD value.

We are located in British Virgin Islands. We can be reached by online chat via our website, you can email us at [email protected] or you can join our active discord community at

You can have up to $1,000,000 in capital with us!

Yes, we absolutely do. There are two options to scale your account.

The first option is to leave some profit on your withdrawal date in your account. The leftover amount will help increase your daily drawdown limit.

The second option is Mavens ranking feature, where you can get certain benefits for a certain amount of payouts reached within one funded* account. For further information contact our support team.

Special Features

With our unique Buyback feature you can be back on a funded account within minutes without taking any more challenges by following these steps:

Open a support request, let us know if you breached the daily drawdown or the maximum drawdown. Then you get to pay 60% of the drawdown limit your specific account has endured (60% of 5% daily, for example).

If you have 2 funded accounts you can request to merge them together.

Example: 20k and 50k = one new 70k account.

Note: both accounts need to be at initial balance.

Contact our support team to make use of this feature!

You can withdraw from your funded* account once 14 days after your first trade have elapsed.

Consecutive withdrawals can be done biweekly or even faster through our tiering system.

There’s no time restrictions on anything, you can pass in as little as 0 days or 1000

Check our discord for our roadmap. We have lots of exciting features coming up, such as a Maven token, NFT certificates and more!