Day Trading Rules

IP Addresses Must Match

IP addresses must match for the following: 

  • Phase 1 
  • Phase 2 
  • Live account 

Legitimate reasons for an IP change – such as travel – are permitted. Proof may be required.  

Failure to provide a sufficient explanation when requested will result in account termination.  

No High Impact News for Passing Challenges

You can trade on news. You cannot trade on high impact news as a way to pass a challenge.  

  • Profits two minutes before and two minutes after high impact news events are not counted. 
  • You will be required to rerun the challenge.  
  • Repeated violations mean account termination. 

Any questions about Forex day trading rules or how to comply with our rules? Contact [email protected] for help.

No Copy Trading

Your trading system, your way. Copying another trader is strictly prohibited. The following activities will result in immediate account termination for all parties involved: 

  • Copying another trader 
  • Using “pass account” services 
  • Trading on someone else’s behalf  

You could lose your profits. However refunds can be allocated from the trader’s second profit split.  

Styles of Trading Restrictions

You must comply with day trading limits at Maven Trading. And the use of the following trading styles may result in account termination. 

Cheating: Using demo environment inefficiencies such as High-Frequency Trading, Toxic Trading Order Flow, Long/Short arbitrage, reverse arbitrage, tick scalping, and server execution.

Reverse/Group Hedging: Using your account to bet in one direction on a singular trade against another account, as this is an attempt at reversing the trade of another account for a 100% chance of winning. 

Hedging: You cannot exclusively hedge through a challenge or live account. Numerous malicious EA hedging bots aim to exploit the demo-trading environment, and we cannot accurately copy your trading onto a live server. If we see your account is exclusively hedging, we will ask you to provide the EA you have used (if applicable).

Gambling: You cannot gamble your way through a challenge phase. Maven defines gambling as:

  • Opening five positions in a loosing trade, encompassing both the entry and subsequent positions
  • risking more than 50 lots on a 100k or equivalent ratio for the account size on the live account only will lead to account termination due to high risk gambling.
  • Betting one direction and holding until you pass/fail

EA: EAs are permitted if they do not break the above rules. We may ask for proof of your EA to ensure that the EA you are using is not malicious. HFT, hedge zone, etc., are not permitted.

Note: A ‘trade’ can be determined as a position held by the trader on a specific pair. ‘Trade’ may be one or multiple entries with similar timings and lot sizes. A trade could be determined by multiple entries on the same pair at the same time. Trades with vastly smaller lot sizes will NOT count as a trade. If your account is flagged, you must rerun the challenge.

Your account will be terminated if you perform any of these actions.

Any suspicious trading activity is subject to review. Account termination may result in the loss of any eventual profits.

Using Automated Trading Software (EA)

EAs are permitted at Maven Trading in certain circumstances. You may be required to show proof of your EA. This allows us to confirm that it’s in line with our house rules and doesn’t permit banned trading styles.  

If we can’t see the code, your account may be suspended. 

Got Questions About Our Rules for Trading?

Day trading rules and limitations protect our platform and our traders. Follow the rules and keep trading – it’s that simple!  

If we haven’t answered your questions, or you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact support