Risk Disclosure

Disclaimer of Investment Risks:

Mavsoftware acknowledges the significant risks inherent in trading and investment activities, even within a simulated environment. We would like to inform our clients that the likelihood of successfully executing a withdrawal in our simulation is less than 2.5% per transaction, highlighting the challenging nature of trading activities.

General Information Disclosure:

All content, including data, analysis, and other information provided by Mavsoftware and its affiliates, is intended solely for general informational purposes. It should not be considered personal investment advice, nor an invitation or solicitation for the purchase or sale of financial instruments, nor an endorsement or recommendation of any securities, companies, or investment funds.

Simulated Trading Environment:

Mavsoftware offers a simulated trading environment aimed at education and skill development. It is important for clients to understand that this simulated setting differs significantly from actual financial markets as it does not involve real money trading and may give a different impression of a trader’s real-world performance.

Market Volatility and Simulation Limitations:

Our simulated environment strives to replicate real market conditions, including volatility. However, clients should be aware of its limitations, such as potential differences in market liquidity, execution timing, and the absence of financial risk, which could lead to misconceptions about live trading realities.

Compliance with UK Laws:

Mavsoftware, operating in the United Kingdom, ensures compliance with all applicable local and federal laws and regulations. The information and services provided are not intended for use in any manner contrary to local laws or regulations.

Personal Responsibility:

Each client is responsible for evaluating the appropriateness of engaging in simulated trading, considering their financial circumstances, investment objectives, and risk tolerance. Mavsoftware is not liable for losses stemming from reliance on the simulated trading environment or the information provided.

Additional Disclosures:

Clients should be aware that results obtained in the simulated environment may not accurately predict outcomes in actual trading scenarios. Past performance in the simulation does not guarantee future results in live markets. We recommend seeking independent financial advice before transitioning from simulated to real-world trading.