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The Psychology of Successful Traders

To become a successful trader, psychology matters. Generally, the key goal when someone starts their trading journey is to become a successful. We don’t typically start things with a goal to be adequate, we want to be excellent. Successful traders often share characteristics like: But how do they achieve these, and how can you leverage […]

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How Do Funded Trading Accounts Work?

Maybe you’ve heard of “funded” trading accounts before. But what is a funded account, and how does a funded account work? Our team answers these questions and more below.  What Is a Funded Trading Account? A funded trading account allows traders to simulate trades with someone else’s capital. In other words, you’re not using your […]

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How to Set Day Trading Goals

Day trading is thrilling. No two days are exactly the same. But to get the most from your time as a day trader, you need a plan. You need realistic and achievable trading goals.   How do you set trading goals, though? And how do you keep track of your progress?   The good news is that […]


Maven Trading Adds Kora to Expand Payment Options

Maven has partnered with Kora to offer additional payment options to customers in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. Expanding Payment Options Earlier in the year, Maven Trading recognized the need for diversified payment solutions for our traders, and introduced AstroPay. This has facilitated easier payments and payment options, enhancing the Maven experience. However, we’re always looking […]

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Day Trading vs. Investing: Which Is Right for You?

Day trading, investing…we see these terms used interchangeably all too often. The reality is that investing and day trading are completely different strategies.   Although they have similarities, it’s crucial that you know the differences so you can choose the right style for you. So, to help, here’s a comparison between day trading and investing.  What […]

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Swing Trading vs. Day Trading: What’s the Difference? 

Swing trading and day trading seem very similar. And, in many ways, they are. However, there are various key differences between these trading strategies you should know about. Below, we cover how day trading and swing trading work, and how to decide which approach is right for you.   What Is Swing Trading?  Swing trading focuses […]

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Options vs Futures: What’s the Difference?

Futures trading, options trading…you’ve maybe heard of these terms before. But do you know what they mean? Options and futures are often confused, but in reality, they are very different.   To dispel the confusion, here’s a breakdown of the difference between futures and options trading.   What Are Options? Options are a type of financial contract, […]