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Join Maven as an affiliate and unlock the benefits.

Unlock your potential

Trading with benefits

At Maven, we want our traders to become affiliates. You’re our biggest stars! It’s an opportunity for you to connect with your community, share information, and get rewarded.


Unlock the perks

Are you passionate about trading and have an audience? We want you. Our affiliates receive rewards, perks, and the opportunity to work with a top tier community.

Rewards on referrals

Be rewarded for each new and organic referral you send our way.

Top tier support

We’re known for our great support and that extends to our affiliates.

Giveaway opportunities

As you unlock different tiers of rewards you also have the opportunity to giveaway accounts to your community.

Play by them

Our rules

To maximize a positive experience for our affiliates and new customers we have guidelines that need to be followed.

Always Active

In order to maintain your status as a Maven affiliate you must be active in your promotion of our program. This looks a little different for each affiliate but could be new posts, emails to subscriber lists, or video content.

Great Conduct

We expect great conduct from our affiliates just like they expect it from us. We don’t tolerate hatred towards others including individuals and firms.


Our program has a certain level of exclusivity. You must have a following on social or a website with traffic to be approved.


At Maven we strive to create an environment where trader efforts are rewarded, and we similarly want to reward our affiliates. You must apply with the assets you intend to use to promote Maven programs. If these assets are not used it can lead to disqualification from the program.

Apply to our affiliate program

Apply to become a Maven affiliate and unlock the perks that come with it. Please provide a link to your public social profile, group, or website you plan to use for promotion.

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