Prop Firm Challenges from Maven Trading

Are you an experienced trader? Do you have solid risk management skills and the discipline needed to realize positive trading performance? 

A prop firm challenge may just be the right choice to advance your career as a trader. Find all of our options for prop firm challenges below! 

Funded trading gives you the opportunity to work with and receive an account from a prop firm. It also means more leverage when making trades, which can lead to greater success. 

That means larger trades and the chance to earn simulated profits to match. The firm provides the funded account, the traders make the trades, and everyone shares in the profits. At Maven Trading, the profit split is always at least 80/20% in the trader’s favor

However, funded trading accounts aren’t simply available to everyone. Our goal is to work with experienced and stable traders who understand how to navigate Forex, digital currencies, and other markets. You can trade using more than 400 pair options. That means you can put a digital currencies or forex funded account challenge into an area where you have experience. 

How can you prove your knowledge and skills as a trader to get funded for trading? By completing a forex fund challenge — or any of our prop trading challenges! 

Becoming a Funded Trader: Maven Trading’s Funded Account Challenge

We offer a variety of instant, one-step, and two-step challenges using simulated accounts. That makes it easier to demonstrate your competence as a trader. We believe in this trading program because it puts people with real trading skills in a position to succeed.  

You can choose from a variety of account options. Find the simulated trading challenge that works for you. See the specifics for all of our prop firm challenges below. Review drawdowns, profit targets, costs, and more to get started, then sign up! 

Get started: Sign up for your instant funded account today! 

Why Choose Maven Trading’s Prop Firm Challenge?

Our prop firm challenges are unique in the industry because there are no time limits. We give you the time you need to hit the profit target without feeling the pressure of a deadline. You won’t feel like you need to make risky trades to hit the profit target before time runs out. 

Another unique benefit to keep in mind: our Buy Back feature. Trading includes risk — even those with deep trading experience can realize significant losses from time to time. For a small fee, you can buy back into a funded account without having to repeat a challenge. 

Want to learn more about our prop firm challenges? Check out our FAQ pages for more specifics, and hop into our Discord channel to hear from our funded traders. 

Ready to start on the journey to a funded trading account? Choose the prop firm challenge you want to complete above to get started!