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  • Unique Account Reset Feature
  • Lowest Spreads
  • No Time Limits

Make Your Choice.

Trade for a first in class prop trading firm.

Maven is a first in class trading firm to offer a simulated ‘funded trader’ program to full time traders. We have unique 1-Step and 2-Step Challenges to evaluate traders before they get access to a simulated ‘funded’ account.

Offering a wide range of virtual tradable pairs, our prop trading firm’s platform is designed for all traders, regardless of their experience. Explore virtual 400+ assets, FX majors & minors equities, on simulated accounts with Maven.

Learn with the best and profit together

Need a little practice?

With our low spreads and instant execution, you can get comfortable making good simulated trades under real market conditions.


Start Trading with the Best Prop Trading Firm.

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Real Trading Experience, without the Risk

We’re a prop firm that provides you with hands-on experience in the trading world. With more knowledge, skills and experience, you can make profitable trades without risking your own capital.

Maven Trading stands out as a top prop trading firm with 1-Step and 2-step Evaluation Challenges.

Why choose a challenge?
  • Unlimited potential: There is no time limit on our challenges.
  • No risky business: You’re using demo funds with simulated capital.



How It Works

You’re four steps away from harnessing your trading skills.

  • STEP 1

    Complete a challenge.

    Prove your trading prowess and complete a challenge. You can choose any of our 400+ pair options.

  • STEP 2

    Get verified.

    No flukes allowed. Redo the challenge with easier rules so we know the first trial wasn’t just luck. *only if you are doing a two-step challenge

  • STEP 3

    Become a funded trader.

    Congratulations! You’ve got a simulated funded trading account and you can keep 80% of the profits you make.

  • STEP 4

    Get paid.

    You can set your payout preferences and withdraw at any time. You can withdraw at any time.

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The Maven Platform

9% Profit Target

Gets You Funded Faster!

Withdrawal Anytime

Request Payouts Anytime After
14 Days And 1% Profit

Instant Account Reset

Immediately Reset Your Simulated Funded Account (only available after passing the challenge). Everyone Deserves A Second Chance

No Pressure Trading

Take As Long As You Want To Hit Your Goals

Unparalleled Platfom

You have the option of trading under the most trusted platform in the industry.

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Watch The Markets On Our Platform In Realtime Using Our Trading Integrations.

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First in class liquidity providers

Will Give You Lightning Fast Order Placement.

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Market leading fees

Spreads And Commissions From Blueberry Markets.

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Watch The Markets On Our Platform In Realtime Using Our Trading Integrations.

Icon of a graph and chart


Get the most out of your efforts.

We’re a prop firm that offers the highest payouts possible by any other funded prop firms in the industry.

You can get paid more frequently with shorter wait times. There’s no need to wait for an entire month to get your profits.

  • You can request a payout every 14 days with at least 1% simulated profit in your account.
  • Your account will reset after each payout with a 14-day waiting time before requesting another payout.

Why work with traditional brokerage services when you can get more out of our prop trading firm?


Diverse trading options at your fingertips

Explore a world of opportunities with Maven Trading. We have 400+ virutal assets, from Forex trading options, precious metals like gold, majors & minors equities, and more. You’ll find something that piques your interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traders who advance to the funded stage are entitled to profits made on their account which will be paid from Maven. Profitable traders are paid a percent of the virtual profits they make while using our capital with no liability on them. You trade and we cover the losses.

We have connected with Blueberry Markets who have a list of over 400+ instruments available. We also have available FX and Indices, allowing you the best flexibility. All accounts are run under demo conditions.

With our unique Buyback feature you can be back on a funded account within minutes without taking any more challenges by following these steps:
Open a support request, let us know if you breached the daily drawdown or the maximum drawdown. Then you get to pay 60% of the drawdown limit your specific account has endured (60% of 5% daily, for example).

If you have 2 funded accounts you can request to merge them together. Example 20k and 50k = one new 70k account.

Scaling is 2 fold, the daily DD rules scales as its 5% off the account balance (not the starting balance), so as you grow so does your DD limit. The max DD stays static at -10% forever(off the starting balance).

You can also scale the account with added funds provided by us if you are profitable for an extended period of time. You will need to manually request to be scaled. We will not scale you unless you’ve been profitable for at least 5 payouts, afterwards you can be awarded up to 25% additional capital.

We offer multiple methods. Join the discord to see all your options

Our max virtual capital allocation for each trader is $500k, we are looking to increase it in the future.

Go through checkout to see all the options, we are always improving them!

The Maven Trading Platform

An unparalleled approach to trading.

  • Confidence and Trust: You can trade under the most trusted platforms in the industry.
  • Charted Territory: Watch the market in real time with our trading integrations.
  • Top-notch Liquidity Providers: Get lightning fast order placements.
  • Market-leading Fees: Spreads and commissions from Blueberry Markets.


A community that has your back

Maven Trading is more than just a prop trading firm. We’re a community of traders who are passionate about collective growth. We believe in supporting our traders in every step of the way. Stop by and say hello to a network of like-minded individuals.

If you’ve been funded before, you can skip verification and get access to a funded account.

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